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Why Remodel Your Basement?

If you have an unfinished basement or want to revamp the space, LimakWay can help get the job done. Many homeowners envision their furnished basements with a modern bathroom, a kitchen/bar addition, an exercise sanctuary or a luxurious entertainment center. Our remodeling services can fulfill a wide range of requests which can bring a functioning and stylish appeal to your basement. We are specialized in designing customized spaces, creating effective plans and installing any plumbing, electric or flooring needs.

According to real estate experts, prospective homebuyers look for finished basements. If you are planning on selling, remodeling your basement can increase the likelihood of buyers making an offer. Remodeling can also effectively add value to your home. Simply, the more modern your home is, the more people are willing to pay for it.

Remodeling or finishing your basement also creates the sensation of feeling complete. Knowing that your house from top to bottom is fully furnished will give you a satisfactory feeling. If you have a large family or your kids and their friends like to spend time in the basement, this will give you and your loved ones a space to relax. Finished basements give families the opportunity to spend quality time together while enjoying movie night.

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Need a deck?

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LimakWay is more than capable of handling a vast variety of needs regarding basement renovations. Whether you are looking to install new amenities, such as a toilet or sink, replacing old countertops, installing new flooring or replacing drywall, our qualified contractors can successfully complete the project. Our talented experts are familiar with custom designing plans that align with your needs.

Our services include a free consultation of your basement, along with a quote based on your budget. We will fully review your basement to see what renovations are needed, how we can design the space, what materials should be used and the estimated total cost. With our professional expertise, we can guarantee you will want to spend majority of your time in your new remodeled basement.

LimakWay’s contractors are licensed professionals that are equipped to handling electrical circuits, plumbing renovations, carpentry installations, painting and much more. From start to finish, we will provide updates and alert homeowners of any changes along the way. Once the project is completed, we will conduct a final inspection of your basement to ensure its safety condition, in addition to overall appeal.

No renovation plan is too big or too small for LimakWay. Our main goal is to provide our clients a sustainable, satisfactory and functioning home. When homeowners utilize our services, they can be assured the outcome will meet their high expectations.