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Deck Builder Glen Ellyn

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Deck Builder Glen Ellyn

Decks are amazing investments that can bring your family and you joy for years to come. They have so many advantages—from raising the value of your home to providing you with a comfortable place to unwind.

If you are considering a deck for your home, you’ll definitely want to know more about what your options are, and what the deck-building process is like. Let’s take a look at what deck-building in Glen Ellyn looks like, and how LimakWay can help you to build the perfect deck to meet and exceed your needs.

What is the Deck-building Process in Glen Ellyn?

Once the decision has been made to build a deck, you’ll want to contact LimakWay. From there, they can consult you on what decks may be available for your home. A contractor will then be sent to your home to learn more about your yard or rooftop. They will better be able to determine whether or not the type of deck you want is available for your home. If not, they will be able to make suggestions (if other types of decks are available).

Once the assessment is completed and a type of deck has been decided upon, the design phase will start. This phase is a lot of fun! You’ll be able to work with your contractor to put together plans for the perfect deck. After your contractor and you agree on a deck design, they will begin the construction process. Before you know it, you’ll have a brand new deck!

How Long Does the Deck-Building Process Take?

The deck-building process is sometimes simple and straightforward, but other times it is more complex. For instance, if you are building something as simple as a detached deck, your contractor may not have to do a lot of planning and the building phase may go rather quickly. If, on the other hand, you are looking for a multi-tier deck, the planning and building phase will likely be a lot more complicated.

Another consideration is how quickly you are able to approve the design. The design phase is one of the most important parts of deck-building—as you’ll have this deck attached for years and even decades. It’s good to take your time with the phase and make sure the deck is just right before building begins.

Cleaning and Membrane Maintenance

For rooftop decks, cleaning and membrane maintenance is necessary. The surface below the roof needs to be inspected, and it needs to be cleaned well before construction begins. One of the most important parts of building a roof deck is making sure it is safe to build, so your contractor will perform a thorough inspection.

There will be factors like the roofing membrane your roof has, your roof’s overall condition, and other factors that your contractor will consider before approving your roof deck. Safety is the top priority when it comes to building your deck!

Proper Deck Maintenance

If you love your deck and you want to enjoy it for years to come, you’ll need to take proper care of it. This means proper deck maintenance. If you have a certain type of wooden deck, paraffin oil should be used to protect the wood from UV rays, put oil back in the wood, and maintain the durability of the wood. It will also help to protect against rot by stopping water from soaking into the wood.

Another extremely important part of proper deck maintenance is regular inspection of your deck. Not only will inspecting your deck regularly help you to catch costly issues that could end up leading to more expensive repairs, but it will also help to keep your loved ones and you safe. If you notice any sort of rot or damage, make sure to contact a specialist to fix the issue so the repair is done properly.

The Perfect Deck for Your Home

A deck is a perfect place to relax, kick your feet up, soak up some sunlight, have a cool drink, and spend time with your friends and family. There’s a reason so many houses have decks! Decks can also help to increase the value of your home—making them a great future investment.

There are different types of decks that are available, and which deck is ideal for you is a matter of what kind of deck is best for your property and your particular preferences. Below are a few different types of decks…

The Perfect Deck for Your Home

Rooftop Deck

Living in the city can limit the amount of space you have outside. You may have a very small backyard, or you may have no backyard at all. Either way, a rooftop deck may be the perfect solution.

Rooftop decks are built on the roofs of buildings. This is often in the city, but they can be built on rooftops anywhere. The main factors are whether or not your rooftop is flat and whether it is strong enough to support a rooftop deck. If your roof is a good candidate for a rooftop deck, you can speak with LimakWay about the deck-building process.

If you want to spend some time outdoors warming up in the sun entertaining guests, or simply reading a good book, you’ll want to consider a rooftop deck.

Wraparound Deck

When people picture a cozy home, they often think of a wraparound deck with a nice rocking chair or bench swing. Wraparound decks are perfect for lounging outdoors and relaxing for long periods of time. If you have a great oceanside view or you are in the forest, a wraparound deck is perfect for enjoying the view.

A wrapround deck can either wrap around part of your home or all the way around. Many people choose to install sliding glass doors to access their wraparound deck with ease.

Beyond being a comfortable place to hang out and spend time, wraparound decks are also an excellent financial investment. Many prospective homeowners love the look and comfort of wrapround decks.

If you have the available space and would like a comfy deck for your home, consider a wraparound deck.

Multi-Tier Deck

Multi-tier decks are an excellent option for homeowners that have uneven land or are on a hill, but still want to enjoy the comfort of lounging outdoors on a deck. Actually, a multi-tier deck may be the perfect way for a homeowner to enjoy their land when it is on uneven ground! They give you the ability to walk around on flat ground and enjoy time outdoors.

Multi-tier decks involve the building of multiple layers with steps that lead from one layer to the other. Sometimes it’s a few small steps to a second layer, while other times there may be more than two layers. It really depends on the space available, the yard, and the preferences of the homeowner.

If you have trees in your backyard, a multi-tier deck can actually work around them. This gives your backyard or side yard a fun, treehouse-like appearance!

For homeowners with uneven or sloped land, multi-tier decks may be a great option.

Detached Deck

Traditional decks are attached to the house itself, and most people think of these kinds of decks when they think of decks. Detached decks, on the other hand, are built away from the house. This makes them a sort of island that floats in the middle of your yard.

There are a lot of advantages to a detached deck that makes them an appealing choice. Detached decks are often low to the ground, so they are not only easier to build but also may not require a permit to build (check with your specific city). Detached decks also give you a little privacy away from your home where you can relax, drink some cold tea, listen to a podcast, and get away for a while.

Because they aren’t attached to your house, you can add vegetation around the side of your detached deck for an additional level of privacy.

If you are looking for something more unique and interesting to do with your yard, you may want to consider adding a detached deck.

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LimakWay in Glen Ellyn

Whether you decide on a wraparound, detached, multi-tier, or rooftop deck, you’ll want to make sure you hire the right company to do the job. That company is LimakWay.

LimakWay employs the best contractors in the business. Your contractor will help to design the perfect deck for you and build it with extreme attention to detail. Your deck is guaranteed to last for years.

Beyond deck-building, LimakWay also offers a variety of other home remodeling services in Glen Ellyn. These include:

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LimakWay has a customer-first approach, and every member of our team is dedicated to ensuring the deck-building process goes smoothly. If you are considering a deck for your yard or rooftop, reach out to LimakWay for a consultation. We’ll be happy to discuss what type of deck is best for your yard or rooftop!