Deck Builder Oak Brook

Deck Builder Oak Brook

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Deck Builder Oak Brook

If you would like to enjoy your property and spend more time outdoors, a new deck may be the perfect addition to your home. Decks provide a rustic charm, give you a place to sit outside and enjoy the day, allow for entertaining guests outdoors, and even increase the value of your home! It’s no wonder they are so popular.

Building a deck may seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be! LimakWay is here to help. Our expert remodeling specialists will help you every step of the way. From design to construction, the team at LimakWay provides full-service support.

You may be curious about the deck building process, and what types of decks are available for your property. Below we will discuss what it is like to have your deck built, and what types of decks are available to meet your needs…

The Deck-building Process in Oak Brook

Once you’ve made the decision to have a deck built, you’ll first want to contact a deck builder in Oak Brook like LimakWay. We can provide a consultation to better understand your needs. From there, a deck-building specialist can be dispatched to your home to take a look at your property (or your roof for a rooftop deck).

After your contractor has inspected your property, they can suggest the best types of decks available. Once you’ve decided on the kind of deck you would like from the options available, the contractor will start drawing up the plans. This is the fun part! When the design is approved, your deck-building specialist in Oak Brook will begin construction. Before you know it, you’ll have an amazing new deck!

How Long Does the Process Take?

The deck-building process can be extremely simple or very complicated depending on the type of deck that is being built. A basic detached deck, for instance, may be quick and easy to design and build. A multi-tier deck, on the other hand, may take a lot of preparation and building time.

Another factor is how quickly the design phase is completed. You may agree immediately with the design your contractor has drawn up, or you may want to make some adjustments. This will add time to the overall process.

In short, the length of the deck-building process is decided on a case-by-case basis.

Cleaning and Membrane Maintenance for a Rooftop Deck

The roofing membrane you have, the condition of your roof, and other factors will need to be considered before building a rooftop deck. There are different materials that roofs are made of, which will also need to be considered. These include steel, concrete, wood sheathing, composite, and others. You will also need a flat roof for a rooftop deck.

Before construction begins, a roof deck-building specialist will inspect the roof to ensure it’s strong enough to build a deck on. Once it’s been determined that your roof can handle a deck, your contractor can begin the rooftop deck-building process.

Deck Maintenance

Once you’ve had your beautiful new deck built, you’ll want to make sure you take steps to maintain it. If it’s properly maintained, your deck can last for years to come!

One thing you’ll want to consider when it comes to deck maintenance is paraffin oil. Certain types of wood benefit from paraffin oil, and it can help to prevent rot and protect it from UV light. Paraffin also puts the oil back in your deck.

No matter what type of deck you have built, regular inspections are a must for the ongoing health of your deck, and for your own safety. This means checking your deck for any rot or damage. If you discover any rot or damage, make sure you contact a deck-building specialist to perform the repairs, so your deck is repaired correctly.

With proper maintenance, your deck will last for decades!

The Perfect Deck

There are a bunch of different types of decks out there, in a variety of different shapes and sizes. Below are some of the most common types of decks…

The Perfect Deck

Multi-Tier Deck

Multi-tier decks are a fun and sometimes even whimsical type of deck. As the name implies, these decks differentiate themselves in that they have multiple tiers that are generally connected with steps.

A multi-tier deck is an excellent choice for landowners that are on some sort of slope or hill. This is especially so for those that have a steep enough property that they can’t really enjoy their property. With a multi-tier deck, you are able to walk further out onto your property and enjoy more of the land you own.

If you have trees in your yard, don’t worry! Multi-tier decks can be built around vegetation. This actually creates a fun, treehouse-like appearance.

If you are on an elevated property and would like to get a little more out of your land, you should consider a multi-tier deck.

Rooftop Deck

Rooftop decks are different than other decks because they are actually on top of your property instead of around it. These types of decks are perfect for people that live in the city and have little to no yard to enjoy. With a rooftop deck, you can enjoy the weather outside, have a cool drink, and cookout with friends. Rooftop decks are generally more common in the city, but they can actually be placed anywhere with a flat, strong roof.

It’s important for a contractor to inspect your roof before building your rooftop deck to ensure it can handle a rooftop deck. If your roof is a good candidate, though, you’ll definitely want to consider a deck on your roof.

Wraparound Deck

Wraparound decks give your home a warm, rustic feel. These decks can either wrap around part of your home or the entirety of it. Many people put lounging furniture on their wraparound decks like rocking chairs and outdoor couches because they are so comfortable to hang out on. Homeowners also build sliding glass doors for easier access to their deck.

If you have a beautiful property with nice scenery, you should definitely consider a wraparound deck. These types of decks allow you to better enjoy your property and your view while providing maximum comfort for lounging and relaxing.

Along with all of these comfort benefits are the financial benefits of a wraparound deck. Many potential homeowners love the look of a wraparound deck, so having one can actually increase the value of your property.

If you want to better enjoy your property, relax, drink some cold tea, and hang out with friends and family, consider a wraparound deck. They are the perfect place to unwind and spend some time outdoors.

Detached Deck

Detached decks are fun and unique. Unlike other types of decks, detached decks are not attached to your home. Instead, they float like an island on your property. This allows for more privacy, while also being a fun place to entertain guests. Detached decks are a lot of fun to decorate. You can put up a variety of different types of vegetation around the deck. This turns it into a relaxing place for you to escape and get away for a while.

Many detached decks are low to the ground, which makes them exceedingly easy to build. For some cities, you may not even need a permit to build a detached deck (check with your city)!

If you have a yard and you aren’t doing a lot with it, consider a detached deck. You can lounge, read a book, drink a cool beverage, and even entertain friends and family.

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Deck Builder Oak Brook

Why Choose LimakWay?

You now know about the deck-building process and the decks that may be available to you. Once you’ve made your decision on which type of deck you’d like, you’ll want to contact LimakWay. We can provide you with a consultation and discuss the deck-building process.

LimakWay only employs the best contractors in the business. When you go with LimakWay, you are guaranteed excellent service and amazing quality work. Before you know it, you’ll have the deck of your dreams!

LimakWay is a full-service remodeling company, and we provide a variety of different services beyond deck-building in Oak Brook. These services include:

  • Fence Building in Oak Brook
  • Pergola Building
  • Electrical Services
  • Kitchen Remodeling
  • Bathroom Remodeling in Oak Brook
  • Painting
  • Plumbing
  • Flooring
  • Basement Remodeling

A deck is an amazing place to lounge outside, read, listen to music, and enjoy the nature that surrounds you. Decks are also great for entertaining guests. Whether it’s a holiday or the big Football game, a deck allows you to spend time outdoors and enjoy the event with the ones you love. Beyond these benefits, a deck can also add additional value to your property in case you ever decide to sell.

For more information about your new deck, contact LimakWay today. We look forward to walking you through the deck-building process and building your brand new deck!