A project that involves an upgrade or perhaps even a complete remodel of a bathroom does take expertise and quite a lot of time. In addition to these particular factors, you should also understand that costs that are involved in this particular process.

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A bathroom consists of various accessories and elements, and the specific costs that will be involved in the remodeling of this room do depend on what you are looking to achieve.

If you are only looking for a surface upgrade, you might get away with just a few tweaks that may not lead to a significant amount of expensive. Consider a simple paint job, for example, which could definitely provide a difference in the bathroom’s aesthetics immediately. For times when you do want to go all out, however, you should know what you are getting yourself into. We take a look at a breakdown of the prices that are involved, on average, with a bathroom remodeling Barrington Illinois project.

The Different Elements Of Your Bathroom In Barrington

When you want to renovate your bathroom completely, it is a good idea to start by breaking up the room into its different elements that may need upgrades or even replacements. When you do this, you will be able to determine where your budget should go – break the budget into smaller parts by dividing it into the different categories, based on the specific elements that will form part of the project.

Let’s take a look at a couple of the elements that you might want to replace when you are interested in bathroom remodeling Barrington Illinois:

Apart from these costs, you should also be sure to keep in mind that contractors who offer you access to their professional services will have additional fees that are added to the project. This would usually include costs for the installation of the new hardware, cabinets, and other items. There might also be design fees involved, should you decide to get a professional to design a new bathroom layout for you.

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Budget Allocation For Bathroom Remodeling Barrington Illinois

Now that we have taken a look at the various elements of your bathroom, the next step is to break your budget apart and allocate appropriate percentages to each of these categories. Some categories are often placed together, due to the specific structure and the way that they are produced – for example, cabinets require hardware to be installed, which means these two can be categorized together and receive a fixed percentage of your budget.

In the majority of cases, the largest sum of money from the budget will actually go to the cupboards. It does, of course, depend on how many cupboards need to be installed in the bathroom. If your existing cupboards still look good, you might also consider simply sanding them down and adding a new paint job, perhaps with some new handles to add to the aesthetics of the remodel.

Apart from the cabinets and related hardware, let’s take a look at a good breakdown of budget that you should consider for each category:

Apart from these fees, understand that the installation costs can be high. Be prepared to allocate at least 20% of your budget to the costs involved with the installation of the cupboards, plumbing system, doors, windows, flooring, faucets, and other items that will be included in your new bathroom design.

If you need to have someone do good design for you, then note that this may also add to the costs. Be prepared to pay around 4% of your budget for the design.


While a bathroom may seem like a relatively simple room in the house, when you decide to take on a bathroom remodeling Barrington Illinois project, you should note that there are various elements that might need an upgrade or even a complete replacement in some cases. We provided a complete overview of the average costs that are involved in these processes.

If you are unsure of what design would suit your bathroom or you do not know where to start, be sure to get some pros involved in the process – even if that is just to get some expert advice and take things from there. Limakway Remodeling offers a complete solution to bathroom remodeling Barrington Illinois. Get in touch with these contractors for advice from people who have been doing remodeling projects for years – plus you get can a free quote on the project that you have in mind.