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Planning a bathroom remodeling St Charles Illinois project, but feel that your budget may not allow you to splurge too much? This is a common problem among people who are looking to add a new look to their bathroom, but they do not want to dig too much into their savings, or perhaps money is limited in general. Luckily, it is possible to renovate your bathroom even when money is tight at the money. We will look at a few simple ways that you can save a considerable amount of money, while also ensuring your bathroom will look great after the project has been completed.

Take Advantage Of The Existing Layout

If you are looking to get started with bathroom remodeling St Charles Illinois, chances are you already have a fully equipped bathroom that you are using on a regular basis. Thus, there is already a basic structure that you can work from. Surely, it may seem convenient to break down a few things and build up a new structure for the bath perhaps, or to rearrange the setup of the bathroom completely.

The only problem that comes into play when you are looking to rearrange the bathroom is the fact that moving the bathtub or the sink tends to lead to a significant addition to the expenses that you are going to have with the project.

When you work with the layout of your bathroom as it is, then installing a new sink and bath becomes much easier. The same goes for your toilet and other items in the bathroom that requires a connection to a plumbing system. When these items are simply replaced with an upgrade instead of moving their location, there is no need for a plumber to come in and change the location of plumbing systems and piping in the bathroom.

Start Your Bathroom Remodeling St Charles Illinois With A Plan

In addition to considering to take advantage of your bathroom’s existing layout, you should also go into this type of project with a proper plan. You do not want to start breaking out your bath or taking off tiles from the wall if you do not know what you expect from the project that you are going to be initiating. This way, you might end up with a bathroom remodel that looks completely different from what you had in mind originally.
Take a closer look at your bathroom and really consider what you want out of this project.

If possible, try to look through a couple of magazines and even consult the internet. Look at a few bathroom design ideas. This will at least help you get a view on what you really like. Be sure to look for photographs of bathroom designs that have at least somewhat of a similar layout to that of your existing bathroom – this will definitely help to minimize costs.

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Upgrade Your Toilet Instead Of Replacing It

It might seem like a great idea to replace your entire toilet when you are looking to remodel your bathroom, but this can add extra expenses and leave little money for other tasks that might need it. The good news is, you can save a lot by simply deciding to upgrade your toilet instead of installing an entirely new toilet.

Take a closer look at the toilet installed in the bathroom and consider the condition it is in at the moment. If your toilet is still looking good, consider simply replacing the lid and the seat. This will cost a significantly lower amount compared to having the entire toilet replaced in your bathroom remodeling St Charles Illinois project.

Consider A More Affordable Option To Tiles

While tiles can definitely add to the aesthetics of your new bathroom design, there is no doubt in the fact that tiles can be very expensive – especially if you are looking for bathroom wall tiles that feature special patterns. These expenses may take a lot out of the budget that you have been able to set aside for the bathroom remodeling project.

Fortunately, if you find that tiles are too expensive, you have a variety of other options to consider. Many people opt for beadboard or even reclaimed wood panels. By simply using the right technique and adhering them to the wall, following by a primer and a quality paint, you can get a look that might be just as good as a set of tiles – just at a fraction of the cost. Just take into account the fact that if you do decide to opt for an option like reclaimed wooden panels, the maintenance of wood does take more effort compared to maintaining tiles. On the flip side, this can often bring you a more comfortable look compared to regular tiles.


Bathroom remodeling St Charles Illinois really does not have to take up all of your savings or even be a significantly difficult assignment. There are many ways to reduce the overall expenses that the project will incur. When things do seem to get a little tough, consider getting a professional in the industry to help you out – even if that simply means getting their input to help you understand what would work best in your bathroom. Limakway Remodeling offers a free quotation on your bathroom remodeling – get in touch with them to see how they can help minimize the costs, while still giving you great results.