If you live in the city, you understand how difficult it can be to spend time outdoors. While you can always go for a walk or visit the park, there are times that you simply want to stay home, sit outside, sip some tea, and enjoy the sound of birds chirping. Most city residents don’t have this luxury, though. Porches are often small, and yards are rare. So, what’s the solution? For some city residents, the perfect solution may be a rooftop deck!

What Is a Rooftop Deck?

If you’ve never heard of a rooftop deck, it’s probably exactly what you are imagining. A rooftop deck is a deck that is built on the roof of an apartment building, condo, or house. While they are common in the city, they can also be found in the suburbs and beyond.

People that have rooftop decks love the extra space it provides them with. With a rooftop deck, you can decorate it however you want and add speakers, a grill, and more. These decks are perfect for lounging, reading a book, and getting sun, along with hosting guests.

Have a special event coming up? Why not host it on your amazing rooftop deck? Maybe you are having a few friends over for wine on a cool night. Consider an outdoor fireplace on your rooftop deck to stay warm and enjoy the sights of the city. The possibilities are endless!

Can I Add a Rooftop Deck to My House?

Now that you understand the benefits of a rooftop deck, you may be wondering if your home, condo, or apartment building can have a rooftop deck built on it. The answer is, “maybe.”

There are a few factors that will need to be considered before a rooftop deck is built. One factor is the rooftop needs to be flat. Another is the rooftop needs to be structurally sound. Not all rooftops can properly handle a rooftop deck being built on them.

If you are considering a rooftop deck, reach out to LimakWay. We’ll send out a specialist to check out your rooftop and see if you are a candidate for a rooftop deck. If so, we can provide you with a quote and start designing the rooftop deck of your dreams!

What is the Deck-building Process?

The deck-building process begins with a phone call to LimakWay. From there, we’ll discuss the rooftop deck you are considering. We can then dispatch a contractor to check out your rooftop and see if it is flat enough and structurally sound. Once it’s been determined that you are a good candidate for a rooftop deck, plans can be drawn up for the deck. The design phase is very exciting, as you get to work with the contractor to design the deck you’ve always wanted!

Once the deck is designed, the construction phase can begin. Before you know it, you’ll have an amazing, new deck that you can enjoy for years to come!

How Long Does the Deck-Building Process Take?

How long the deck-building process takes varies from project to project. Rooftops come in all different sizes. The building time will depend on the size of your rooftop and other factors.

The design phase is another factor in how long the deck-building process will take. We want to make sure your deck is perfect and is exactly what you imagined. Your contractor will do their best to design the deck you want in the first go, but if you want changes to the design, the design phase will take longer. This isn’t a problem, it’s just something to keep in mind.

Contact LimakWay for more information and to get a better idea of how long the deck-building process may take for your rooftop deck. While we may not be able to give you an exact date, we may at least be able to provide you with an estimate.

Other Types of Decks

If you have a yard and are living in an area where you have enough space to have a deck built, you may want to consider other types of decks as well. This is especially so if a rooftop deck isn’t a possibility for you.

Some of the different types of decks that may be available include:

Detached Deck

If you have a yard with some extra space and you’d like your own private oasis, a detached deck may be the perfect option for you. Detached decks are not attached to your home and instead float like an island in your yard. They are generally simple and easy to build. For some additional shade, consider a pergola!

Wraparound Deck

If you are a homeowner and you are surrounded by natural beauty, you’ll want to consider a wraparound deck. These decks wrap around part of your house or the entirety of the house. They are very cozy, and many homeowners love them.

Multi-Tier Deck

If your home is on uneven land or a hill, you may find it difficult to enjoy your property. A multi-tier deck may be the perfect solution for this problem. Multi-tier decks have multiple tiers that are often connected by stairs. These decks allow you to enjoy your property, even if it is uneven or sloped. If your property has trees or other vegetation, the deck can be built around them. This helps to provide extra shade.

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