Deck Building in Chicago, IL

Deck Building in Chicago, IL

Looking for a Deck Building in Chicago sububrs? Look no further!

Limak Way provides the best deck building services in Chicago and surrounding suburbs!

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Building Rooftop Decks In The Suburbs Of Chicago

With the recent growth of our company and team members, we are now proudly building decks in the suburbs of Chicago. For all the new clients that would like to work wit us, we are giving a 10% off of the whole invoice price. This offer will expire on September 1st of 2018. Here is more information about the deck building process.

About Us

LimakWay began in 2014 and has been designed to restore and increase home’s values across Illinois. LimakWay focuses on the fundamentals of remodeling, which includes water damage restoration, general remodeling and carpentry. Kamil, President of LimakWay, has over 10 years of experience in construction and has helped over thousands of families remodel and preserve their homes.

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