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LimakWay’s contractors also double time as electric engineers. Our contractors are specialized in electronic engineering, which involves the patient practice of designing, developing, implementing and handling of electrical equipment. With extensive training and education, we are equipped to handle an array of technological projects that deal with high-voltages, rewiring electronical wires or installing new fuses.

The work environment that involves electrical rewiring or installing new resources of power could be hazardous to someone who does not understand the dangers. We take our clients’ safety into account and require all occupants of the home to leave while our contractors are at work.

Our contractors are experienced and trained to maintain our client’s home by carefully creating a source of electric transportation through a series of high-voltage lines. Therefore, creating a stable line of electricity to safely power up your home. Whether your electrical needs are focused on generating a whole house, designing a new route of lines or rewiring loose cords, LimakWay is more than capable of handling any electrical capacity.

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LimakWay’s Electrical Process

Because electrical projects need to be delicately handled, each project is approached differently. This is mainly for safety reasons – we need to evaluate the property to make sure the home is up to code. We need to protect our clients and contractors throughout the entire process.

Next, our contractors will evaluate your home and make suggestions on what needs to be done so your home is safe and energy-efficient. If your home has any damages or loose wiring, our contractors know how to modify plans to optimize safety and rewire to maintain stable power. Our number one priority is keeping our clients safe by providing them satisfactory and high-quality work.

Depending on the complexity of the project will determine how long it will take to complete. Our electrical contractors take these projects very seriously due to the dangerous complications. Which is why nothing is forcefully rushed – we cautiously measure, install and repair any electrical needs with extreme care. Once our contractors have reviewed your property, we can appropriately estimate a timeframe, along with costs, which includes materials purchased and labor fees.

Utilizing LimakWay’s experienced contractors is beneficial to all homeowners because we are trained to work in multiple capacities. Each contractor has received top of the line training and is professionally licensed to install, modify, repair and maintain power-related infrastructures. We are equipped to deliver high-quality work while maintaining a safe work environment. LimakWay is programmed to provide sustainable and transparent work to provide clients a well-functioning home.