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One of LimakWay’s best services includes the installation of high-quality flooring. We are known across Illinois for installing a variety of flooring that exceeds our clients’ expectations. Our company offers an exclusive range of wood styles, cuts, species and high-end prefinished options. In addition to carpentry, another delicate and detail-oriented process LimakWay is equipped to handle. We can offer clients a wide variety of textures, colors and patterns that can appropriately match our client’s home. Our services also include the installation of tiling for any need, such as the bathroom, pool surfaces or mudroom. The great craftsmanship our contractors have are able to meet the highest of standards. While following exact measurements and properly installing the desired material, LimakWay is continuously able to provide exceptional customer service.

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Need a deck?

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Our Process

LimakWay can guarantee our process will be stress-free. Primarily because we handle everything, from ordering required the materials, removing and protecting furniture, properly installing the flooring, and conducting a final inspection. You can fully rely on our skilled contractors to complete the job in a timely and professional manner. This eliminates the fear of trusting of underqualified workers to enhance your home’s flooring.

Depending on the surface area, type of flooring and complexity, will determine how long this job will take. However, for a general scope, our process always starts with a brief overview of our services, in addition to an evaluation of your floor’s current state. This initial evaluation will give us a better idea of what type of flooring will be most compatible. During this evaluation, we will pay special attention to the wall’s trimming, curvature of walls, total coverage needed and any doorways. Taking these measurements is a crucial step into completing a satisfactory job.

After taking into account of these factors, we will order the desired material, whether that may be a particular wood, carpet, tile or stone. It is our main priority to enhance your home that meets your standards. Once the items have arrived, we will begin the installation process. We will remove any furniture in the room and cover it with a protective casing to make sure no debris damages your furniture. Depending on how large or small the room is will determine how long the flooring will take to install. Generally, it takes up to one week to properly install and review the flooring to make sure there are no cracks, bumps or any other deficits with the new flooring. Reviewing the final outcome also allows our contractors asses our client’s expectations, safety conditions and overall functioning and appeal.