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Kitchen remodeling in St Charles, Illinois, is a great way to breathe new life into your home, but without careful consideration, there may be chaos, and you could end up overspending. By considering a couple of useful kitchen remodeling tips, and ensuring you put effort into an initial planning phase, you can save a significant amount of money, while also ensuring your kitchen will look great once the project has been completed.

Planning For Kitchen Remodeling St Charles, Illinois

The first step to starting with a kitchen remodeling project in St Charles, Illinois, is to do some planning. You need to ensure that you know exactly what you are going to do – going into the project without a proper plan is like guaranteeing a chaotic project that may end up with the result that you do not feel satisfied with.

Start by considering the budget that you have in mind for the project. Your budget will have a significant impact on what you will be able to achieve – and what can be done in order to remodel your kitchen. As an example, a budget of $50,000 would possibly allow you to break down walls, add a completely new series of cupboards, and more while having a budget of just $5,000 would possibly limit your options.
Once you know how much money you are able to spend on your kitchen remodeling St Charles, Illinois project, it is time to start looking at what needs to be done.

Identify Areas Where More Spending Is Needed

If you are able to determine the areas of your kitchen that needs a more significant percentage of your budget, then the process becomes easier. There are some areas of the kitchen that may be worth a larger percentage of your budget – these are usually the areas where you spend most of the time or particular areas that require more frequent use.
In addition to replacing your main sink, you might consider adding a second sink to your kitchen. Sure, this may take some out of your budget, but consider the benefits of this particular addition. The second sink makes it much easier for a second person to enter the kitchen and assist with the preparation of food.

You should also consider investing in some high-quality drawer glides. Consider a soft-close, full-extension type. These have significant benefits to offer you over alternatives. Even though this particular option may cost more than some of the other ones that you can choose from, they help to eliminate the risk of slamming the drawer, while also allowing the drawer to pull out more, which gives you a deeper reach into the drawer. In turn, it is easier to reach items stored in the back of the drawer.
You want around 22% of your budget to be allocated to the design of the layout, as well as the installation costs that come with cupboards and other items. Most people find that at least 29% of their kitchen remodeling St Charles, Illinois project should be allocated to hardware, as well as cabinets – as these are often items that are completely replaced with this type of project.

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Areas Where You Can Save

While it is definitely convenient to have a lot of amenities and features in the kitchen if you find yourself on a budget or other elements of the remodeling project took too much of your budget, then there are a few areas you should consider cutting out. This way, you can save a considerable amount of money, or perhaps gain extra funds for more important features that you would like to see in your kitchen.
One particular feature that many want is a pot filler. Sure, this is a great item to have in the kitchen, but it will definitely add a lot to the costs – you may even need to get a plumber out to your house.

Another thing to consider avoiding is a wine fridge. This is a very popular feature that people install in their kitchens, but it can add a few hundred dollars to the costs of your kitchen remodeling St Charles Illinois project. Ask yourself if you really need a dedicated wine fridge – there might be some extra space in your regular fridge to store your bottles instead.

Tips To Help Save On Your Kitchen Remodeling Project

Apart from considering to eliminate some products from your kitchen remodeling St Charles Illinois project to reduce the total costs, there are a few other tips that you might also want to consider.

First up, consider keeping the layout that already exists in your kitchen. This way, you won’t have to worry about having to move the electrical wires and getting a new plumbing system installed. You also won’t have to get rid of walls or build new walls – these are all factors that can add a lot of unnecessary expenses to the project.

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Remodeling your kitchen in St Charles Illinois is a great way to add an instant facelift to your house, and this could even make cooking more convenient, but the costs can sometimes be on the high side. We shared some useful kitchen remodeling tips that you should consider – take these into account and always ensure you start your project with a proper plan.

If you are looking to get the pros involved, get in touch with Limakway Remodeling for a free quotation. The experts at Limakway Remodeling understands what it takes to get a kitchen redone – and they can definitely be of assistance during the entire process, from planning and design, all the way to the finish.