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Why Should Your House Be Repainted?

Giving your home a fresh coat of paint can dramatically add an aesthetic appeal to both the exterior and interior of your house. Not to mention, it is a cost-effective way to add value and easy technique to beautify your home.

Painting either the inside or outside of your home can effectively increase the value of your home. Studies have shown that paying close attention to the painting job can boost the value and overall appeal of the home. Whether the project focuses on repainting the exterior walls or shutters, or the interior walls, ceilings or trims, high quality paint jobs go a long way.

A fresh coat of paint can actually boost the quality of life for people occupying the home. Enhancing a room with a new, vibrant and rich color can improve one’s mood and productivity levels. In addition, using paints and finishes that have zero-VOC or low VOC can promote healthier air in your home.

Repainting is also a simple solution to hide any stains or remove difficult marks. LimakWay’s experienced professionals can strategically work around these blemishes to make it look like nothing was ever there. We utilize a special technique and tools that not only looks appealing, but protects the surface after the job is done.

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How Does Our Process Work?

Our process is simple and straightforward – LimakWay’s contractors will come assess your home and walls to see which areas should be repainted. Based off your request, we can suggest color ideas that we think could resonate well with your home, furniture and style.

Many of our clients like our contractors to paint both, the interior and exterior of their home because we continuously deliver high-quality work. We keep ourselves accountable by following our philosophy of providing exceptional and reliable customer service.

The way our process begins starts with what kind of surface we are painting. For example, the exterior surface requires our contractors to thoroughly clean the walls, so no grime or dirt is trapped underneath the new, fresh coat of paint. Then, we use a special protective primer base coat, so the paint will set in nicely. Afterwards, the paint is evenly applied to the desired areas.

For interior surfaces, the walls are evaluated first to make sure we are aware of how to handle any stains, dents or uneven surfaces. Next, the walls are deep cleaned to remove any access dust or dirt that may have accumulated. In order for the paint to appear rich and vibrant, our contractors use a special primer that protects and seals the paint to last for years. The color of choice will then be applied carefully and evenly. In addition, because we care about preserving your home, we will wrap and move any exposed furniture that is in the room we are painting to avoid any unwanted situations.