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LimakWay is specialized in restoring and increasing home’s values whether they need significant repairing or minimal work. Our company focuses on the fundamentals of reconstruction work, such as mold removal, water damage restoration, basement waterproofing, installation of flooring, mold remediation and more.

Within the past month, a family of five from Aurora, Illinois requested our help to restore and update their home. The basement of their home had been flooded due to a spring thunderstorm. When a home experiences intense water damage, the severity of the damage can escalate quickly. Which is why homeowners who experience a disaster-related crisis in their home should take immediate action.

Aurora is a western suburb of Chicago in Kane county with over 197,000 residents. According to public records, Aurora is the second most populated city in Illinois and 114th in the entire country. Many families gravitate towards Aurora due to its family-friendly environment and accessibility to good schools and variety of convenience stores.

When this family came forward, LimakWay immediately took action. We responded in a manner with urgency and an understanding that this project needed to be completed in a timely fashion. After we evaluated their home’s condition, we arrived at their home with the appropriate tools needed to restore the home.

The first thing we ask from our clients is to leave the property. Due to its current state and condition, we do not want to put our clients’ health and wellbeing at risk. In addition, the tools and chemicals used could put them in danger. Our number one priority is keeping our clients safe, which is why we prefer if they left their home while it is being treated.

LimakWay’s professionals are specialized in handling a variety of unique requests, whether it involves in restoring a flooded basement, remodeling the kitchen counters, or repairing the outdoor deck, we hold ourselves responsible for delivering high-quality work.

Basement water damage has a dangerous risk of impacting your home. Because it is the base of your home, it can negatively impact the overall condition of your property. LimakWay understands the importance of keeping your home safe and up to code for a variety of reasons. Because not all cases are the same, we approach each client’s home differently. For this Aurora family, we first assessed the property by identifying which areas of the home were damaged. This step gives our professionals a more concrete idea of how the home was impacted. Going forward, we are able to clearly identify which steps were needed to restore the home.

Once the problems were detected, we were able to begin. First, we started to remove the water from the basement by using our highly-advanced equipment. Since this home was effected by mass amounts of water, we utilized powerful vacuums and durable trucks to help dispense the storm water from the home.

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After the water was removed from the basement, we were able to move onto the next step of our water restoration process, which is drying and dehumidifying the area. Since this basement was constructed out of drywall and wood materials, these materials tend to soak in moisture easier than others. With that being said, it is our goal to remove as much moisture as possible by using industrialized fans and dehumidifiers. These machines are designed to help reduce the amount of water in a room. This phase of the process also targets on removing any accumulating mold from the affected area. Initially, when we first evaluated the space, we took into account of any present mold and are proactively thinking of ways to care to the damaged space. If mold is not treated appropriately, it has the potential to spread quickly to others areas. Which is why trusting and recruiting a specialized professional will ensure you, your home is treated carefully and appropriately.

The last step of the water restoration process is cleaning and restoring. After the basement had gone through our extensive treatment of vacuuming, drying and dehumidifying, we are able to begin to deep clean the affected area. Our deep cleaning mechanisms include utilizing special techniques and products to fully restore the family’s home. And as stated before, LimakWay cares greatly about our clients, which is why we go the extra mile and eliminate any lingering odors or harmful smells in the home. Because these odors can possibly resurface, we use specific cleaning items, such as odor removal products, fogging equipment and air scrubbers.

After our contractors were finished cleaning the basement, we were able to shift our focus. Our next goal in this project was to reconstruct the basement as if a flood never happened. LimakWay’s professionals are highly advanced and equipped to handle a variety of requests. We specialize in remodeling drywall, carpentry, wooden floors, electrical needs, plumbing deficits and much more. Our goal in mind is to increase your home’s overall condition and functionality. This Aurora home was in need of new walls, new tiled floors and window treatment. Our contractors were able to deliver this request in a timely manner by providing exceptional customer service and a dedicated work ethic. Lastly, we waterproofed the entire basement by using special materials and tools to prevent any type of flooding in the future.

The family was able to move back into their home after two weeks of deep cleaning, reconstructing and hard work. LimakWay wants to be absolute sure they are sending their clients back into a safe environment and a functioning home. One family member expressed, “I couldn’t be happier with the results! LimakWay was able to fully restore my home, and then some. I would recommend LimakWay to anyone that wants to update, restore or remodel their home. They are truly the best!”

We are a dedicated team of professionals that focuses on delivering results that people want to see. With this mentality, we are able to exceed our client’s expectations and make their homes a place where they want to be. It is our goal to create and build to satisfy our customers in any way we can. Feel free to see our story from Naperville, IL or Schaumburg,IL.

LimakWay is sensitive to our clients’ requests as it is important to keep living conditions safe for everyone. If you or you know someone whose home is suffering from any level of water damage, mold infestation, or any other crisis-related situation, LimakWay can effectively and efficiently restore your home with immediate and delicate care.