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LimakWay is specialized in restoring and increasing home’s values whether they ned significant repairing or minimal work. Our company focuses on the fundamentals of reconstruction work, such as mold removal, water damage restoration, basement waterproofing, installation of flooring, mold remediation and more.

Recently, a family from Naperville, Illinois, came forward and requested our expertise in restoring their home. When a home experiences mold infestation, water damage or any harmful trauma, their entire home could be severely affected within the first 48-72 hours. Which is why immediate action must be taken in order to avoid any damage or harm to you and your family.

Naperville is a western suburb of Chicago in DuPage county. This Naperville home is located right in the center of town, surrounded by other big and beautiful suburban homes. With a population of over 75,000 residents, it has been continuously ranked as one of the top safest communities in the United States.

The case that was presented to LimakWay was grasped with urgency and integrity. We responded in a timely manner and showed up at our client’s house with the appropriate tools and equipment to address the issue. Our client’s home was suffering from a flooded basement and mold infestation, which has the potential to affect your health and home’s overall wellbeing if not treated appropriately.

First and foremost, we requested that the family to leave the property due to the home’s current condition. It is our main priority to keep our clients safe from start to finish. Depending on the severity of a client’s case, we do not want them exposed or in contact with dangerous equipment used or hazardous products. Once we knew our clients were safe, we were able to quickly begin the process.

LimakWay’s professionals are equipped in handling an array of requests, whether it involves repairing leakage, drain cleaning, repiping or emergency plumbing, we hold ourselves accountable in delivering high-quality work.

Water damage in particular has a high risk of severely impacting your home. LimakWay understands the urgency that is needed to restore your home in an effective and efficient manner. Because not all cases are not the same, we approach each client’s home differently. For this Naperville family, we started this case by assessing the damage of the home. This initial step gives our contractors a more concrete idea of how damaged and infected the space is. From there, we can identify the next steps that need to be taken in order to restore the home in a safe and timely manner.

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Next, we were able to start removing the water from the affected space. Their basement was impacted by a 24-hour thunderstorm and ending up flooding their entire basement. Because their case needed large amounts of water to be removed, special equipment was required. For cases like these, LimakWay utilities powerful vacuums and durable trucks to help dispense massive amounts of water from the home.

After the water was removed, we moved onward to the next phase of our process — drying and dehumidifying the area. Because many construction materials like drywall and wood retain moisture, we try to eliminate the remaining water by brining in industrial sized fans and dehumidifiers. These machines are designed to help reduce the amount of water in a room. This step of the process also focuses on removing any accumulating mold from the area. During our evaluation phase, we take into account of any present mold and appropriately treat the affected area by removing the mold as quickly as possible. Mold has the potential to spread if not correctly treated, which is why contacting a specialized contract will be most beneficial to homeowners in the long run.

The final step in the water damage restoration process is cleaning and restoring. After the basement went through several hours of dehumidifying, our contractors began to thoroughly clean the damaged area. We utilized special cleaning techniques and products to fully restore the family’s home. In addition, because LimakWay cares about our client’s happiness and home’s living capability, we eliminated any lingering smells from the affected area. These odors have the potential to come back, which is why we use effective cleaning techniques such as utilizing odor removal products, fogging equipment and air scrubbers.

Once the basement went though an extensive deep cleaning process, our next focus was on reconstructing the basement as if nothing happened. LimakWay’s contractors are highly advanced and have enough experience to remodel your home to increase its functionality and overall condition. We specialize in remodeling drywall, carpentry, wooden floors, electrical needs, plumbing deficits and much more. In our client’s case, their basement needed a whole new layout, which included placement of drywall, installation of tile flooring and remodeling of the following: guest bedroom, sports bar and entertainment room. In addition, our contractors waterproofed the entire basement by using special materials and tools to help prevent flooding in the future.

This Naperville family’s home was fully restored and functioning again within a two-week timespan from when we began working. LimakWay’s highly trained workers were able to exceed our client’s expectations. One family member said, “I am extremely pleased and impressed with LimakWay and what they are capable of. They surpassed my expectations and were able to deliver everything we wanted and more.”

We pride ourselves to work hard, deliver results and provide exceptional customer service. With this business model, we are able to build and earn the trust and support of our clients. It is our goal to create and build to satisfy our customers in any way we can.

LimakWay is sensitive to our clients’ requests as it is important to keep living conditions safe for everyone. If you or you know someone whose home is suffering from water damage, mold infestation or any sized home-related disaster, LimakWay can appropriately treat your home with proper and immediate care. Feel free to see our story from Aurora, IL or Schaumburg, IL.

If you are interested in learning more about our services and how we can help you, please visit our about or contact us page.