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LimakWay is specialized in restoring and increasing home’s values whether they need significant repairing or minimal work. Our company focuses on the fundamentals of reconstruction work, such as mold removal, water damage restoration, basement waterproofing, installation of flooring, mold remediation and more.

About a month ago, a growing family from Schaumburg, Illinois requested our help to restore and update their home. Their outdoor deck had experienced severe water damage from a thunderstorm. When a deck experiences intense water damage, the wood can deteriorate quickly and become hazardous. Which is why homeowners who experience a disaster-related crisis in their home should take immediate action.

Schaumburg is a village in the Cook and DuPage county in northeastern Illinois. This village has over 74,000 residents and is about 10 miles northwest O’Hare International Airport.

When this family requested LimakWay’s help, we suggested a plan of action to fix the damages. We responded in a timely manner with a preplanned agenda of how to repair the deck. After we evaluated their deck’s condition, we were able to agree on a plan to amend the damages and restore its value.

Initially, we asked our clients to leave the affected area. The tools needed to repair the deck can be dangerous to be around if you are unfamiliar with the equipment. In addition, due to its current condition, it is hazardous for our client’s wellbeing and could put them in a risky situation. Which is why we prefer if our clients were not around while repairing.

LimakWay’s professionals are specialized in handling a variety of unique requests, whether it involves in restoring a flooded basement, remodeling the kitchen counters, or repairing the outdoor deck, we hold ourselves responsible for delivering high-quality work.

Deck water damage has a dangerous risk of impacting your home. Because it is directly exposed to the outdoors, it has a higher tendency of becoming impaired. LimakWay understands the importance of keeping your home safe and up to code for a variety of reasons. Because not all cases are the same, we approach each client’s home differently. For this Schaumburg family, we first assessed the deck by evaluating the durability of the wood. By checking the durability of the wood, our professionals will have a better understanding of how to repair the deck. Once we established this, we are able to illustrate a plan of attack to restore the deck.

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Once the problems were detected, we were able to begin. First, we started to remove the pieces from the deck by using our highly advanced equipment. Since this deck was affected by mass amounts of water, we needed to be extremely cautious as the materials were impaired.

After the pieces were removed from the deck, we were able to move onto the next step of our deck restoration process, which is measuring the area. Since this deck was constructed years ago, we needed to properly measure the perimeter so we can accurately budget how much material is needed. In order for our experts to do a good job, they need to know exactly what they are working with. This phase of the process also takes into account of any present mold, or holes present. Our contractors are proactively thinking of ways to eliminate the possibility of any current issues to resurface. As experienced professionals, we can safely assure our clients will be satisfied with the end product of any job.

After measuring the area, and ordering the right amount of materials, our contractors can start constructing the new deck. Typically, this step of the process takes 1 – 3 days, depending on how large the deck is. However, our experts can confidently complete the reconstruction job in a timely manner. Once the pieces are in place, we can begin the next step, which is polishing the wood. This process seals and preserves the wood. It also adds a layer of protection for any debris or future water accumulation. As mentioned before, LimakWay cares about our client’s happiness and quality of work given. Which is why our contractors are trained to deliver nothing but excellent customer service.

Once our contractors were finished polishing the deck, we were able to change our focus. Our next goal in this project was to test its durability and stability. One of our main priorities is to give high-quality work that is safe. The work we provide needs to satisfy our clients, as well as keep them out of danger. LimakWay’s professionals are highly advanced and equipped to handle a variety of requests. We specialize in remodeling drywall, carpentry, wooden floors, electrical needs, plumbing deficits and much more. Our goal in mind is to increase your home’s overall condition and functionality. This Schaumburg home was in need of a new deck, and protective shielding from outdoor debris. Our contractors were able to respond to this request in a timely manner by providing their expertise and transparent work ethic.

The family was able to enjoy their outdoor deck within a week of reconstruction. LimakWay carefully devotes their time to give the best work possible. They want to give their clients a home that is safe and functions without any problems.

One family member expressed, “Our new deck looks incredible! LimakWay was able to completely transform the deck. It looks like it came out of an architectural magazine! I would highly recommend LimakWay to anyone that wants to update or transform their home.”

We are a dedicated team of professionals that focuses on delivering results that people want to see. With this mentality, we are able to exceed our client’s expectations and make their homes a place where they want to be. It is our goal to create and build to satisfy our customers in any way we can.

LimakWay is sensitive to our clients’ requests as it is important to keep living conditions safe for everyone. If you or you know someone whose home is suffering from any level of water damage, mold infestation, or any other crisis-related situation, LimakWay can effectively and efficiently restore your home with immediate and delicate care.

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